Life Happens

Sometimes in life we are ticking along nicely then out of the blue something new is thrown into the mix and even though we thought we already had quite a full life, we have to make adjustments to make room for the new. I had left my corporate life behind at the start of 2020 to concentrate on my many other pursuits namely coaching, therapy and genealogy and was currently in the midst of pulling together a program for group coaching when I received a call asking if I could possibly fit in time to go back to Local Government to work on some legislative projects. As it was not something completely new I felt I could manage it but that little voice inside said, “but how are you going to work on your own business as well as working close to fulltime”? Not to mention during the first two weeks I had fasting blood tests and my second Covid vaccination booked, I celebrated my birthday, had my own group coaching sessions to attend, write some final exam papers for two of the therapy courses I was doing and that was without taking into account everyday  life. In such a short time, I had neglected to finish writing my webinar, do my own coaching sessions, do any posting in my private Facebook group ’It’s never too late to…’, my Facebook page and my Instagram not to mention speaking in my cat’s voice to manage all her feline friends lol. I realised very quickly that I was moving out of alignment with my values and that I had to stop and take stock of what was important to me personally and factor in how to do the things that make my soul sing whilst still taking on outside projects.

I’ve made it a habit to walk at least 20 minutes a day with a podcast, it refreshes my mind and releases tension from sitting at a desk and it was during one of these walks that I realised I just needed to let go and go with the flow. I was not to put any pressure on myself to fit everything in at once and just do what felt right in the time I had. In taking that approach I looked at my To Do app and removed all allocated dates on tasks and just added one or two things for the week that work towards my own personal goals. On Monday after working a full day, I sat for a further two hours and finished answering exam questions for a Diploma in Professional Relaxation Therapy and emailed it off. Another course completed! I then took some time to look at some amazing photos that a friend ( had given me access to months ago via some online albums and it was so lovely to be able to flick through and see the amazing scenes of not only human life, but animals and plant life that were captured in places such as Nepal, Canada, New Zealand, Patagonia and Japan. I finished the evening with a Sherlock Holmes mystery via Audible and in all felt a sense of achievement at doing a combination of work and things that nourish me. The lesson is, never put pressure on yourself to get everything done at once. The world is not going to end because you didn’t do everything on your list and it is better to just go with your gut on what you wish to do and when, and in the end you will chip away and feel a sense of satisfaction.  

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