Historical Re-enactments

Having studied History and now doing further studies in Genealogy, I am obviously fascinated by reading or watching anything historical. Having listened to Hilary Mantel’s three books in the Wolf Hall series, I gained a new fascination for Thomas Cromwell and with that the Tudor period. It was while scanning through YouTube looking for Tudor related material, I came across the Absolute History channel and thought I’d found historian heaven.

Talk about a feast for all the senses; I didn’t know where to start but as I had been looking for Tudor material, made the decision to go with the Tudor Monastery Farm and was enthralled from the first viewing moment. It was a six-part living history series filmed in 2013 where Historian Ruth Goodman and Archaeologists Peter Ginn and Tom Pinfold turned back the clock to the year 1500 and worked as lay-folk during the reign of the first Tudor King Henry VII. They lived and breathed Tudor life over the period of one year in a real-life account doing tasks such as sheep farming and harvesting to fashioning a printing press and building a Tudor clock. Other programs in the living history series include Victorian Farm, Edwardian Farm and Wartime Farm which followed the same structure of living and breathing the historical period over a year. These three series also featured Ruth Goodman and Peter Ginn along with Archaeologist and Historian Alex Langlands.

Once I started watching all these wonderful series, I had to source the books for my collection and took to researching all the second-hand bookshops online. Sadly, a reasonably priced hard copy of the Tudor Monastery Farm book seemed to be as rare as Henry VIII producing a male heir, so I had to succumb to buying a Kindle copy.  The others however I was able to source, along with a selection of other books on the Tudors, Victorians, and Edwardians. I look forward to them adorning the new space I have made on my bookshelf once they make the journey from the UK to Australia.

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