Writing a book series

One day my cat Minxy said to me, “I think you should write and publish a book about my adventures so everyone can know about my Land of Catarnia, where I am Queen.” It sounded like a wonderful idea and not one I had previously considered. I had been writing stories since I was young and they were always targeted at adults whereas this idea sounded like it might be for children (or cat owners). But where to start.

In the land of Instagram, Minxy has her own account where she has over 2000 friends and ‘she’ chats with a select amount daily. Having started her account in November 2020, within six months she had a fiancé, Mr. White, who is still yet to make an honest woman of her! Mr. White was homeless, and he was discovered by a loving home and that gave me the idea for Minxy’s first adventure, Minxy and the White Windmill. Once the idea was formed, the words flowed quickly and within a couple of days I was finding suitable illustrations on Canva and soon we had Minxy’s first adventure published on Amazon.  

Minxy’s next story, Minxy and the missing Catnip, was based in Hong Kong and features her friend and bodyguard, Elvis (aka Chatterbox Elvis). Elvis is quirky, very witty, and likes to slap other animals, so he was fun to write about. In Catarnia the cats enjoy drinking Meowjitos and the key ingredient in them is Catnip, so when it starts going missing, the friends set off to find the culprits. In the third book, Minxy and the missing Jigsaw pieces, Minxy and Mr. White go to Liverpool to help Minxy’s human cousins discover who is pilfering their toys. Elvis had a cameo appearance and of course wanted to slap things.

“Liverpool is home to the Beatles and is known for great music, perhaps we can have a dance while we are there, Mr. White.” Minxy gave him a wink.

“Beetles, I don’t wanna see any beetles, if I do I will slap them and crush them and eat them,” exclaimed Elvis… “Beatles, schmeatles, can I stay and play in Catarnia instead…”

The current book, Minxy and the Four Leaf Clover Charm, features Mr. White and their beautiful friend Molly Maisie. Molly was diagnosed with the dreadful disease FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) and her meowmy was told to euthanize her, but she refused and through treatment Molly survived. Molly Maisie has been a beacon of hope and positivity on Instagram every day since and as I write this, she has been cured for 788 days. In the story, the friends travel to Ireland when the Charm goes missing from a Country House. They need to find the charm in time for St. Patrick’s Day so it can be presented at the annual ceremony, ensuring happiness remains for the Irish people.

The fifth book will be out sometime soon and features three more Instagram friends who are based in New York, Donut, Mocha and Sponge Cake, aka the Dessert Trio.

I have found the key in creating momentum for myself to write stories, is to add where the next adventure is going to be and which of Minxy’s friends will be included, at the end of each book. It is also a great way to let fans of the books know there is another imminent story.

All of Minxy’s stories can be purchased through Amazon either in your home country or via Lindy Haigh Amazon USA, Lindy Haigh Amazon UK, Lindy Haigh Amazon Australia.

Instagram: lindyhaigh, minxyhaigh_cat, mynameiswhite_mrwhite, mollymaisethecat, chatterbox.elvis.

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