Why it helps an Author to rate their books and like/love posts.

I have a newfound respect for authors who write day in and day out to get their wonderful ideas onto the page but struggle to make ends meet while doing so. After finishing my Local Government contract, I decided to give full-time writing a try, which is something I have wanted to do for manyContinue reading “Why it helps an Author to rate their books and like/love posts.”

Writing a book series

One day my cat Minxy said to me, “I think you should write and publish a book about my adventures so everyone can know about my Land of Catarnia, where I am Queen.” It sounded like a wonderful idea and not one I had previously considered. I had been writing stories since I was youngContinue reading “Writing a book series”

Entering the world of Self-Publishing

As someone who has been writing stories since a young age and who did a Degree in Professional Writing and Publishing, it has been a dream (or fantasy) to write a bestseller and be published in the traditional way. In the past, it was near on impossible to find a publisher and literary agent andContinue reading “Entering the world of Self-Publishing”

Historical Re-enactments

Having studied History and now doing further studies in Genealogy, I am obviously fascinated by reading or watching anything historical. Having listened to Hilary Mantel’s three books in the Wolf Hall series, I gained a new fascination for Thomas Cromwell and with that the Tudor period. It was while scanning through YouTube looking for TudorContinue reading “Historical Re-enactments”

Possible drawbacks when using the 1841 and 1851 census returns

Although from 1801-1831 census data was collected every ten years from residents in the United Kingdom, it was of the statistical kind and it was not until 1841 that a more modern census was introduced where some personal information was asked for. According to the Enumeration Abstract, England and Wales was divided into Enumeration Districts,Continue reading “Possible drawbacks when using the 1841 and 1851 census returns”

Multitasking does not work for everyone

In this high tech age we are used to multitasking especially since smart phones came into our lives. I have had a smart phone since 2012 and I wonder how I coped without it and my Tablet before and yet it has also meant I am a little more prone to multitasking especially when watchingContinue reading “Multitasking does not work for everyone”