Life Coaching

‘It’s never too late to…’

I empower single women (35+) to kick fear into the past, embrace the future and shout out loud that ‘it’s never too late to…’

I work with women who are questioning aspects of their lives and aspire for greater fulfilment yet fear overrides their desire for change. As you age your values may change and beliefs once held on how you view the world are out of alignment. You may have a sense of feeling unconnected to people, place or career and your intuition is screaming to be listened to. My personal experience of embracing change and creating amazing growth through living in different countries, academic achievements and many years training in coaching and therapeutic modalities, means I have the passion and empathy to guide women to find solutions for reinvention with more confidence, that align with their new values and that allow their soul to sing.

If you are interested in individual or group coaching or to speak to me on a discovery call please email me at or message me via or

If you would like to join a private Facebook group for women only please follow the link and answer the questions to request membership.

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