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Minxy and the White Windmill

Minxy’s first mission takes her on a journey to the Netherlands when she hears a pitiful cry for help. Finding the poor creature in a sad state, Minxy helps him and gives him hope. Through doing so, she discovers a kindred spirit who will become her companion in future missions.

Minxy and the missing Catnip

The animals living in Catarnia have a favorite drink they have named Meowjito. When one of the main ingredients, Catnip, goes missing, Minxy and her friends travel to Hong Kong to solve the mystery.

Minxy and the missing Jigsaw pieces

Minxy receives a call for help from her meowmy’s young cousins when ten jigsaw pieces vanish overnight. They soon discover the jigsaw pieces are not the only things missing.

Minxy and the Four Leaf Clover Charm

Minxy gets a call for help from her friend Molly Maisie when a valuable Four Leaf Clover Charm vanishes from an Irish Country House. The friends have less than one week before St. Patrick’s Day to find the charm, ensuring happiness remains for the Irish.

Minxy and the Dessert Trio

Minxy and Mr. White head to New York after their friends, Donut, Sponge Cake and Mocha enlist their help. Their favourite bakery has been getting some bad reviews and they are worried the health inspector will close them down. Were there really fur and whiskers in the cupcakes!

Minxy and the Chicago Cat Mob

Minxy and Mr. White travel to Chicago on their sixth mission to solve the mystery of who smashed up Katiegirl’s toy theatre and discover who is leaving mysterious fish skeleton calling cards.

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